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Hệ thống đo sâu đa tia EM 2040

Hệ thống đo sâu đa tia EM 2040

The EM 2040 multibeam echo sounder is the first system to bring all the advanced features of deep water multibeams to the near bottom sounding environment. The basic EM 2040 has four units, a transmit transducer, a receive transducer, a processing unit, and a workstation.

For completeness, data input from a motion sensor and a positioning system is required, as is the sound speed profile of the water column between the transducers and the bottom. Sound speed at the transducer is an optional input. The transducers may be delivered mounted on a frame together with the motion sensor and a sound speed sensor, factory aligned for ease of mounting.

Typical applications for the EM 2040 Multibeam echosounder

Mapping of harbours, inland waterways and shipping channels with critical keel clearance

  • Inspection of underwater infrastructure
  • Detection and mapping of debris and other underwater objects
  • Detailed surveys related to underwater construction work or dredging
  • Environmental seabed and habitat mapping
  • Mapping of biomass in the water column
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