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EM 710 Multibeam echosounder

EM 710 Multibeam echosounder

The EM 710 Multibeam echo sounder

EM 710 Multibeam echosounder models

There are three basic versions of the EM 710 multibeam echosounder each with different range performances:

  • EM 710 - Full performance version
  • EM 710S - CW pulse forms only
  • EM 710RD - Short CW pulse only

Operation software

Alternative post processing software

Note: KONGSBERG is not responsible for any system malfunction caused by 3rd party software.

Defining a new resolution standard for bathymetric surveys

One of the goals when we developed the EM 710 0.5x1 multibeam echo sounder system was to offer to the market a higher standard of resolution than previously possible. The improved resolution is provided by the 0.5 degree, focussed transmit beam - in combination with high density processing applied to the high number of dynamically focussed receive beams. The 0.5 degree transmit beam has a very small footprint, only 85cm long at 100m depth. So in order to ensure 100% bottom coverage even at high survey speeds we developed a new scheme by which 2 complete sounding profiles are generated for each ping cycle.

Survey speed

So at 100m depth, with full swath width +/-70 degrees the system has 2 pings per second, or 4 sounding profiles. The maximum survey speed while maintaining 100% bottom coverage is then 3.4 m/sec or 6.8 knots. By reducing the swath width to +/- 55 degrees, the ping rate is increased to 3.4 and the survey speed can then be raised to 11.5 knots. Each sounding profile consists of 400 soundings.

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