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Awarded Inflatable Boats for DK 1

Awarded Inflatable Boats for DK 1

In the afternoon of 15.10, in the battalion DK1 Zone 2 Navy (Vung Tau), Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tho - the director of the company gave the DK1 Houseboat a rigged bottom float sign CE-MA 550, worth 650 million.

CEMA 550 OM is a modern type of boat with the ability to use specialized techniques on the river. The boat has a structure of 5.5 meters long, hard bottoms made of Composite plastic, automatic discharge, speed 32 nautical miles per hour in river conditions, operating in the sea in wave 3 level 4, 15 people.

Main functions of rescue, rescue and rescue ships at sea, transporting troops, transferring goods from ships to DK1. All expenses of the boat are donated by employees, youth union members.

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